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Before we go . . . another quick look at our Ďroad-mapí below to regain our bearings.You will notice that the letters were written by different people.





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Weíll start with the letters from Paul.Most of these were written during his various eventful journeys, which are described in The Book of Acts (previous section).And so, in many ways, these letters form part of that story.


Why did Paul write his letters?

As Paul moved about, establishing churches, some of these new Christian communities experienced problems and difficulties after he left.Many people, who did not believe what had occurred (ie: that Jesus had risen from the dead), viewed the rapid growth and spread of this new faith as a threat to their own understanding of God.This led to antagonism which quickly turned to bitter persecution of the early Christians.


And so Paul wrote letters to encourage the new believers to stand firm in their faith, reminding them of the truth that he, and the disciples (along with hundreds of other people), had actually experienced - that Jesus had risen from the dead.Many, many people had seen him, touched him, talked with him and even shared meals with him.


It also didnít take long for warped ideas and heresies to creep into the new churches, and so Paul wrote to correct these wrong ideas.


Some of Paulís letters were in reply to correspondence he had received from leaders of the new churches, who were asking for guidance on various difficulties they were encountering with their congregations.


Who wrote the OTHER letters?

Most were written by Jesusí disciples, and two were actually written by Jesusí brothers.Some of these letters addressed similar issues, some dealt with quite different matters.


Through the narrative of Paulís adventures (told in the last section ĎActsí) the Bible has already given the inside story of how the early churches began.Now these documents add a new clarity to the story as we read these first-hand glimpses into some of the detail of the life, culture and difficulties of the times.


The early Church experienced many struggles, persecution being the biggest.And thatís where the next book comes in.Click on the button below for a very quick overview of the Book of Revelation . . .





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