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Brief Overview of

The Gospels


The word ‘Gospel’ simply means ‘good news’, and there are four Gospel accounts (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John).  Each one tells the story of Jesus; the story of his life, his teachings, his miracles, his death by crucifixion and his resurrection. 


Actual eye-witnesses recount the original stories of:


·        The First Christmas

The manger scene in Bethlehem

The shepherds and the wise men

·        Jesus’ Baptism

In the Jordan River by John the Baptist

·        Jesus’ Temptation

40 days in the wilderness tempted by Satan

·        Jesus’ Twelve Disciples

A very mixed and interesting bunch of guys

·        Jesus’ Teachings

A multitude of issues, including

The Sermon on the Mount

·        Jesus’ Parables

A multitude of topics, including

The Good Samaritan

·        Jesus’ Miracles

An enormous variety, including

The Feeding of the 5,000

·        The First Easter

Palm Sunday

The Last Supper

The betrayal by Judas Iscariot

Pilate washing his hands of the situation

Jesus’ crucifixion

Jesus’ resurrection

Jesus’ many resurrection appearances


And that brings us to the end of an extremely simplified version of the first section of the New Testament (the Gospels). 


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