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Quick Intro to New Testament

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Quick Introduction to

The New Testament


Welcome Back as we begin the New Testament section of the Bible.


It is now about 450 years later!Thatís approximately the time-span between the last of the prophets and the beginning of the New Testament.You will notice that the new Schematic Chart (located just below the OT & NT Links) now has an extension to it, and the new bit covers the time known as the ĎIntertestamental Timesí, (the gap of history between the Old Testament and the New Testament).


If you would like more info on this subject, and also the Deuterocanonical Books (or Apocrypha) which belong to this part of the Jewish history, there is a link on the left which you can come back to later, but for now letís make a start on the next section of the Bible Ė the New Testament.


To begin . . . a quick glance at just the group headings of the New Testament section of the Contents Page.




Old & New Testament



*The Bible Intro


*The Pentateuch


*The History


*Poetry & Wisdom


*The Prophets


*The NT Intro


*The Gospels


*The Book of Acts


*The Letters





Schematic Diagram

Old Testament &

Intertestamental Times

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Info on

Intertestamental Times

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The Apocrypha

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What is a Testament?

Again, the order of the books is the same in most bibles, but the group headings will not usually appear.


Just click the button below, and letís look briefly at the first group, the Gospels.


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Brief overview of the


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