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Quick Introduction


The Bible


Before we begin, let me just say that throughout the website you will find links along the way to all sorts of interesting bits and pieces.  But if you are a beginner, you will gain far more from this if you first read straight through once, and then come back later to the links.


The links are all located down the left hand side, and they are very easy to see, so no need to re-read the text to find them.  They’re also listed together under the ‘Related Interest Topics’ heading (top right on the menu bar).


OK, let’s go.


The word BIBLE means ‘Books’, and that’s exactly what the Bible is . . . a collection of books.  And here they are.


Without going into any detail, just have a quick look at the Contents Page below.





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Who wrote the



You will notice that the Bible is divided into two parts and, put very simply, these two parts are:


The Old Testament:  A collection of books about God’s dealings with the Jewish nation before the birth of Jesus.


The New Testament:  A collection of books about the life, death and resurrection of Jesus, and the early beginnings of the Christian Church.


Now before we take a quick peek at each of the books, notice on the Contents Page above that the books have all been grouped.


In almost every Bible*, the order of the books will appear exactly the same as the chart above, although the group headings will not usually appear.


*NB:  Catholic Bibles have some interesting extra books called the ‘Deuterocanonical Books’.  They not listed here, but information on these is available further on.


However, before that, let’s start at the beginning of the Old Testament and take a very brief glimpse at the first five books, grouped under the heading Pentateuch (meaning a five-volume book) . . .



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