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Hello, and may we take this opportunity to briefly introduce ourselves.  My name is Wendy, and my husband is Bill.  Our website is a partnership venture.  Whilst I write the material you will find here, it is Bill who provides the infinite loving encouragement, and the technical skills to keep it all happening plus an endless amount of fun, patience and enthusiasm.


We belong to the Salvation Army, Menai Corps, NSW, Australia.  Bill is the co-ordinator, for our church, of the Emergency Services Trailer Teams that go out and feed people during various emergencies, and I’m one of his team.  He also leads a men’s Bible study group at our home.  My role at our church for the last several years has been that of Bible teaching and Bill is my utterly essential mentor, advisor and ‘technical manager’.  He’s an aircraft engineer by trade and absolutely wonderful at making things work!


We have a lovely family.  They’re grown up now, and are each married to beautiful Christian partners.  Although they’ve all left home we still enjoy a very precious relationship with them, and we would like to thank them for all their love, help, prayers, encouragement and support.


We would also like to thank our Corps Officers and congregation at Menai Salvos.  Our series of ‘Sunday-Night-Bible-Study-Seminars’ was nicknamed ‘The Camel Ride’ as we ‘galloped through the pages of the Bible and across the sands of time...’ (and all those many sorts of corny analogies).  The ‘Camel Ride’ took a uniquely different approach to Bible study, and I am extremely grateful for the gracious encouragement from everyone during its ‘road testing’ process over the last several years.


This website has sprung from the many suggestions over those years, that the material ought to be either published or put on the Net.  And now that the ‘Camel Ride’ has journeyed to the end of the Book of Revelation, there has been just a little more time to get our heads around how to do it, and this is the result . . . well . . . not quite.  Actually, it’s just the beginning . . . 


The existing quick simplified overview will remain, but we will eventually add the complete collection of individual studies, which will then be accessed from the menu bar at the top.  We also hope to enlist some help in getting rid of the glitches, and having it look somewhat more professional!


However, we’re in the process of learning all this mind-boggling ‘cyber-magic-stuff’, and in the meantime, we hope you enjoy this stage of the quick simplified journey through the Scriptures, and we pray that you will find it helpful.


May God bless you.


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